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Get to know the Chef


Miguel, evoking the fondest memories of his childhood, reveals an environment saturated with the aromas and sounds of the kitchen, where each pot and pan told its own story. His parents, culinary pioneers who gave life to the emblematic restaurant El Paradís in the peaceful enclave of Vall d'Alba in 1973, laid the foundations for his love of gastronomy. The vivid memories of those first forays into the kitchen fuel his passion for the culinary art, a legacy that accompanies him in every dish he creates today.

From the humble foundations of his childhood in El Paradís, Miguel has blossomed into a culinary expert who brings with him the values and knowledge passed down from his parents. The passion that burns in every dish and the commitment to culinary excellence are the living legacy of those early days among pots and pans. Miguel and Angela, as guardians of this culinary tradition, continue to inspire new generations of food lovers, carrying forward the rich history of El Paradís and creating new narratives in every delicious creation that comes out of their kitchen.

However, Miguel's story would not be complete without mentioning his inseparable companion on this culinary journey, Ángela. With hands that deftly dance among the ingredients and a creativity that perfectly complements his own, Ángela is the cook with whom he shares his gastronomic journey. Together, they have forged a formidable team in the kitchen of El Paradís!

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